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Major retail and restaurant chains trust tile match

There’s a reason leading companies like Starbucks choose TileMatch. We deliver the quality and consistency that matches their specific brand standards. As a commercial contractor, you can count on TileMatch to deliver the specific colors, style and graphics for even the most demanding jobs. What’s more, you can obtain up to 10 LEED points by using our clean-processed, recycled tile. Best of all, you get a higher quality product at affordable prices, with shorter lead times, and backed by prompt, professional service.


We're the Perfect Match for:

Custom decorative concrete tile wall in restaurant


Full-service and Fast-food restaurants account for 77% of all foodservice sales in the US. With that amount of business, restaurant flooring gets thousands of visitors each day. 

Many times, large restaurant chains rely on their consistent branding and design, to ensure their patrons are dining with the best atmosphere possible. For years, there was really no option to replace broken or chipped tiles with an exact match. The made it difficult for restaurant owners to keep a consistent and up-to-date look. Oftentimes replacement tiles appear to "new" or the tile will draw customers eyes to the ground as an inconsistency. 

TileMatch is now the answer for restaurants looking to easily replace tiles without spending budget on retiling the entire floor.



Department store large high traffic tile flooring

Brick-and-Mortar Store Retailers 

Having a clean and inviting atmosphere allows shoppers to browse your products with ease. Inconsistencies with your store's flooring may be a distraction for your customers. 

Keep your store's flooring looking great with TileMatch. We factor in things such as lighting to make sure all of your tiles look consistent even under overhead fluorescent lighting.

TileMatch is a perfect resource for any retailer who sells from a physical location. We service small Downtown gift shops to large-scale stores with more than 100 locations. 



Cruise ship in the atlantic ocean with decorative tile accents

Cruise Lines

All aboard!

When it comes to vacations, families are always looking for the best. With online review platforms playing such a big and important role in vacation goers decision-making process, don't let silly things like cracked tile or flooring cause a poor review or your cruise line.

TileMatch services cruise lines throughout the world to provide a superior tile matching service that is unlike any other. 




The opportunities are endless when it comes to different corporate and retail spaces. If you have a unique tile matching need, please contact us.

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We can also keep inventory of your most popular tiles for you when need them most.

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