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We’ve perfected the process for the perfect match

Tile Match’s patented process allows us to match the exact look of virtually any tile. We start by using a patented mixture of ingredients, including Post-Consumer Recycled Glass, resulting in a product that’s environmentally friendly. Our tile experts use a unique, hands-on approach to craft a product that replicates the exact look, color, and texture of your original tiles. The tiles are then slow-cured under stringent conditions and then oven-dried; a process that uses 90% less energy than the quick-fired drying used for ceramic tiles.

Multi colored tiles


Once we receive your tile sample, our craftsman go to work to create the recipe that will be used to recreate your tiles.

  1. Your tile fragments are analyzed under similar lighting conditions to make sure the proper color tone is achieved. To do this our technician use a lighting machine that subjects the tile to various lighting options until we can match the lighting conditions in your home or business.

  2.  A blank unfinished tile is placed under those conditions and the technician can then determine the proper color mixtures and depths for the texture replication. The blank tile is then subjected to our patented Tile Match color injection process. This allows the technician to see a final product, and make any adjustment necessary to make your replacement tile.

  3.  The tile craftsman perfects the match and documents the color mixtures and lighting conditions. This recipe will be used to process the entire order for your tiles.

Tiles being manufactured in a factory

Manufacturing Process

  1. Out tile craftsman are the industry's best, they have created and perfected the handmade tile process that has become the new standard in Tile matching. The unique process for creating Tile Match tiles starts with a mixture of concrete and recycled glass. Using recycled glass is not only environmentally friendly, but is a core part of what make Tile Match tiles the perfect material to match your discontinued and antique tile replacements.

  2. Once the mixture is created, it is processed through our custom molds. This creates the shape, thickness, and size of the final tile product. Our craftsman oversees this process to ensure the tiles are being formed to meet the industry standards for Tile manufacturing.

  3. Our tiles are then put through a color injection process that gives the tiles their color and textured look. This process requires the recipe that the technician has previously created. Once the tile passes through the quality standards and the technician can verify a successful Tile Match, we will package and ship your order.

Concrete tile mixture

Why Concrete?

Many tiles manufacturers use ceramic or porcelain to create their product. These materials take many steps to create and each tile batch is unpredictable as to how the final product will turn out. This makes the matching process nearly impossible with these materials. However, with concrete we can control the process every step of the way. The porous nature of concrete soaks in color and allow the technician to add more colors if need be. This level of control gives us the confidence to match most tile colors and patterns. Concrete is also very durable, this allows us to manufacture a thinner tile that is perfect for installation. The person installing your replacement tiles will appreciate the ease of leveling and accurately leveling the tile.

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